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For over two decades, I have plied my craft in a myriad of materials, explored a wide range of techniques and have embraced the evolving nature of the maker-sphere.  I am a professional theatrical designer and educator specializing in costume, mask, puppet, make-up and craftwork applications for the performance industries.  I am a firm believer in generating work that reflects my dedication to art-making while maintaining superior functionality for the client.  And, in case you haven't notice, I love a good pun.


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Your friend in fear,

 Alisa Sickora Kleckner-founder

What's in a name?

Who you callin' chicken?

Okay, so I guess it's me or at least, the kid version of me.  You see, I didn't grow up loving horror like most scare makers, nope, not this little chickadee.  To be quite honest, I was downright heebie-jeebied by all things killer: mega sharks, eggplant-headed aliens, zombified hordes, demon dollies but most of all, those elusive masked maniacs.  So long story short, Chicken Little grows up to be an adult who bawk bawks at her childhood fears, squeezes the oozy juices out of them and molds them into all things playfully creeptastic!  A fear-maker is hatched and so is Scared of my Shadow, where this fowl can gleefully cast her long, monstrous shadow.


Just so much to crow about!

More than masks?

Curious about building an entire character, puppets, props, classes and other creative feats of fancy?  Click here to view an extended portfolio of all of the wacky and wonderful things our founder has engineered!

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What's incubating

2020 SHOWS see the work in person


Jan 17-19, New Orleans, LA (co-located with the Halloween & Party Expo)


Transworld’s Halloween & Attractions Show

March 19-22 , St. Louis, MO 



May 8-10, Pasadena, CA

Check back often for show updates

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