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Scared of my Shadow

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Expertly crafted leather masks, costumes and accoutrements for the scare aficionado.

Show Some Restraint Mask       Katt Savoca Photography

SOMS is now a direct supplier to retailers and the entertainment industry*.  

Listings are wholesale and industry pricing.  


Not in the biz?  No worries! 

We are happy to connect you with our retailers. 


Most products are made-per-order although, we do carry a small selection of

in-stock items at all times.  Please contact us for a list of items available for immediate shipment or heck, any questions you may have.  We look forward to hearing from you!

*Film, TV, Theatre and Attraction production


The SOMS chicks

Who you callin' chicken?

 Okay, so I guess it's me or at least, the kid version of me.  You see, I didn't grow up loving horror like most scare makers, nope, not this little chicadee.  To be quite honest, I was downright heebie-jeebied by all things killer: mega sharks, eggplant-headed aliens, zombified hordes, demon dollies but most of all, those elusive masked maniacs.  So long story short, chicken little grows up to be an adult who embraces her childhood fears, squeezes the oozy juices out of them and molds them into all things playfully creeptastic.  We at Scared of my Shadow call this... 

Free range fear.

Every item exhibits unique qualities inherent in products built by hand by the artist.   

Contact us directly for retail inquiries and industry pricing.


Jaw dropping unique designs in the flesh (leather that is!)


Steal the attention by being

a head above the rest!

Bold style

Take that rascally rabbit

to the next level.

Throw Down, the Gauntlet


Day of the Dead 

Leather masks sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Full Masks

Hide that will keep them seeking your identity...

if they dare!


The devil is in the details; make yours count.

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Always know what's incubatin' 

SOMS is woman owned and operated business.